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  • Indoor Pool Parties

    Pool Parties at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools in Austin, Tx

    Hosting a birthday party at Aqua-tots swim school is great for parents and kids. We offer everything you need for a fun and enjoyable time at our indoor location in the Eagan, MN area!

    No matter what time of year your child’s birthday falls, Aqua-tots swim school is the ideal place to host your next birthday party. Family and friends get to enjoy the pool together with our trained water watchers. What a great way to celebrate a special event! Our swim school staff prepares every party detail including: invitations, cake, snacks, pool games and gift bags. The best part is, everyone has fun and there’s no messy cleanup! A win-win! Contact the nearest Aqua-Tots swim school to secure your event date. Now relax and enjoy your child’s birthday.

  • CPR & First Aid Classes

    CPR & First Aid ClassesAqua-Tots swim school has partnered with Workplace Safety Specialists to provide CPR and First Aid classes to our Aqua-Tots family.
    Learn More About CPR & First Aid Classes (pdf)

  • Community Programs Worldwide

    Community Programs WorldwideDid you know that a portion of your swim lesson registration fee is donated by Aqua-Tots to World Vision (www.worldvision.org), a non-profit organization helping children and families all over the world to have basic needs met –  clean water, food, medical supplies and education.
    Learn More About Community Programs Worldwide (pdf)

  • Other Family & Kid Activities

    Aqua-Tots swim school hosts other family and kid activities throughout the year. From seasonal and holiday celebrations to water safety events we provide consistent and reliable family fun. Contact your local Aqua-Tots swim school to learn about upcoming events.

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